Functional Tiny House To Live In Nature

If you include people who like the original Wedge model from Wheelhaus, there is now a smaller but enhanced version at a fraction of the cost. But you do not worry, Roadhaus they call it still provides a floor master bedroom and lots of open windows that allow a view to the outdoors wider. Roadhaus is offered at 160 to 240 square feet, this model is suitable for tiny living, a guesthouse, backyard office or a combination of all three.

At the high end of the house there is a padded deck and a glass wall that gives a nice view of the living room. The living room has space for a full-size sofa and comes with a TV room. In addition to the living room there is a small kitchen with refrigerator under table, microwave, electric stove and pantry. While across the kitchen there is a bathroom with shower and sink. This model is perfect for those of you who want to live in nature, easily transported to a site and then moved again if necessary. Outer deck enhance the overall living arrangements inside/outside while you remain protected from bad weather and sun. Roadhouse available starts at $ 76,000. If you are interested, do not forget to visit also sites that display details about them!


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