Great And Luxury Big Boy Mansion By Floyd Mayweather Jr

Although many people consider Floyd Mayweather Jr match against Conor McGregor disappointing yesterday, it’s still the most expensive duel of the world. Floyd Mayweather, who beat Conor McGreggor’s opponent to pocket the money up to 100 million dollars, he managed to win the battle that lasted as many as 10 rounds. On the same occasion man of 40 years announced his retirement from the ring. Then what kind of house with a total wealth Mayweather even beat Cristian Ronaldo soccer star? Had the status of the richest athletes, retired boxer 340 billion spent to buy a super-luxury mansion named Big Boy Mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Mayweather also often distribute luxury facilities in his home through his personal Instagram.

With an area of 22,000 square feet, Big Boy Mansion has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms exclusive course is super expensive. In this mansion, Mayweather also displaying super luxury cars including Buggati Veyron, Lamborgini to Ferrari. If calculated, the car can reach dozens. The house is also equipped with 2 cinemas for residents to watch favorite movies. The front yard of Mayweather’s house is available a relaxing place complete with swimming pool. Go inside, there will be a maze like a museum with various collections are like sunglasses, perfume, shoes to hat pet. Boxing record holder home 50 wins, 0 lost is also equipped with an elevator and also a mini supermarket in it. Immediately, let’s look at the photos of the great and luxurious mansions of Mayweather Jr.


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