Unique Hobbit House With Nature Accents

You would not have guessed that this is a real hobbit house and really get to a place to stay. Unique house is located just outside of Tomach village in Scotland built from the tireless efforts by husband and wife team. They really want to manifest their own magical mind by saving, sewing and carving to create a hobbit-style home. They start collecting things they can find in the wilderness around them, so it’s no wonder that this house has a lot of natural accents. While the outside area looks stunning with the natural surroundings, the interior of the house uses a rustic style filled to the ceiling that gives the peace and comfort to linger in it. Who adopt magical retreat house like this could be a hiding place for those who are bored with the city crowd or want a moment to relax from all the bustle. Let’s check!

This hobbit house is entirely constructed of concrete, enabling various plants such as moss to grow on every part of the wall and roof. Concrete is chosen because this material will quickly lend more character and charisma over time. Almost every piece of wood carved by the hands of the owner, other features made naturally from objects around, such as beautiful planters on both sides.

The exterior combines garden and terrace, is equipped with a small pond complete with its own water wheel and a small arched bridge. I also saw unexpected hidden artwork, a peeked face from the edge of the roof. Not just rustic style, you will find thick iron detail that gives way to medieval charm.

source: home-designing


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