Pink House: Historical And Contemporary In Balance

Pink House is a beautiful project renovated by Italian/Portuguese practice Mezzo Atelier. Located on the Atlantic island of São Miguel, in the Azores, it was originally an old cage from the beginning of the 20th century that was transformed into two guest houses where history and contemporary live side by side in balance. The main objective of this project is to keep the construction of characters, lines, and its rural atmosphere, while adapting the attached structure of typology entirely new and contemporary regulations. The new open concept where carefully blended in colored facades, as well as on stone walls, and new volumes added to the main construction, the aim is to enable smaller second homes to be integrated as a whole.

A larger house developed in two levels, consisting of ground floor that opens to the exterior space around it and reach different heights, creating a semi-level where social space gives access to a private suite and service areas. Walk upstairs, containing social space and designed as a free plan so that it can be utilized from the roof structure and full height. From the kitchen, access to the terrace is located above the house on the smaller ground floor.

To make it look modern, new elements are added such as exterior stairs that connect the outside terrace, or the use of eucalyptus in the interior. Dark pink and ocher are the main identities of the area where the construction is located. It was used instead of on the bedrooms interior shades and kitchen, adding a new kind of relation between inside and outside views.

In order to maintain a neutral and peaceful atmosphere, interior and custom furniture designed with care, allowing a view of the park to be better than in the house. Local cryptomeria (Japanese cedar) wood is widely used for construction and furniture, plus old wooden beams from pine and acacia, which are found on the site converted into specially made tables.


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