Koda Movable House Under 25 Square Meters

Movable home are increasingly interested many people and has grown to exceed RVs and bus renovation. This house is perfect for those of you who want modern minimalist style and likes endless travel. Responding to the challenge, Estonian design collective Kodasema created KODA, a small prefabricated house which was moving on homeowners desire. The house prototype is designed with the ability to move off-grid and can be disassembled and prepared for relocation within 4 hours. Koda made mainly of concrete, portable houses built with manufactured components for their strength and energy efficient properties. A solid structure also allows small house to be assembled on different surfaces without the need for foundations, walls of glass and concrete while minimizing energy requirements and helps maintain the internal temperature to be comfortable.

KODA has an area of 25 square meters with open living spaces bathed in natural light that flows through the front glass facade. The kitchen, bathroom and bedroom located near the rear of the house aims to provide privacy and lit by LEDs at night. Rooftop solar panels power the KODA unit is also able to produce more energy for household needs, while the prefabricated house designed with water, sewage, and electricity hookups, it can also be used off the grid for a short period of time. The house is equipped with a built-in IT system that enable the house to learn and adapt to different environments. I think KODA could be a dream home in the future, look at the gallery below and I’m sure that you want to have one of them!

source: inhabitat


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