20 Modern Plant Shelf Ideas For Small Space

Have a hobby of gardening and like a collection of plants? If so, then you are in the right place to start. No matter whether you have a small outdoor space or even do not have a backyard, the garden is not always about being outdoors and spending time with soil and sunlight. The garden is a place for you to plant or decorate flowers and green plants that can be done in the room. But, what if you only have a small space? Of course, this will make it a little difficult for you to arrange or plant because you have to set the concept of the room to fit what you want. The best solution is to place a modern plant rack for a small space that will solve your problem, especially for those who want to have their own garden in the room.

You can make your own plant shelf from simple items to create your perfect garden. Today I want to share some modern plant rack garden ideas by utilizing unused items such as wooden crates, old bookshelves, old stairs and many other interesting ideas. Most materials plant rack is made of wood, I guess rack timber plants will be easy to implement in any room, especially the small space. You can design and position the plant rack according to the concept of your room. Still confused how to arrange your plant shelves? Look at some of the galleries below and get inspired!


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