Micro Clusters Cabins For The Whole Family Holiday

An amazing cabin located on the Norwegian Vestfold coast becomes a holiday cabin for the whole family. Designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, the client wants the cabin to accommodate three rattling from the same family, but also must be divided in several ways. The solution, shelter appropriately dubbed as Micro Cluster Cabins is composed of three different structures, which can be used individually. Although built separately, each building is defined as a clarified geometric volume, which can be set around an outside area that will tie them together as a unit.

Not only unique, this cabin is also blessed with charming surroundings. Towards the northeast, you will be presented with a hilly hilly and define the sites, along with the view in the opposite direction. Spatial interaction between rows of landscapes and building structures creates a favorable micro climate. This is reflected by the southwest orientation of the structure, where the glass walls will spoil your eyes with a free view of the open.

Illustrations by: Lars Petter Pettersen/D2 and Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter


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