Orangery: Black And White Greenhouse For Growing Plants

The house is almost like a greenhouse, but full of windows and plants, with lots of light and lots of green. This house is the dream of a Swedish designer and entrepreneur, Agneta Enzell. She designed space for her and her family to suit her budget. Orangery, is a black and white greenhouse bathed in light. She used it to grow plants and almost like a barn pot in it, but also as a place to eat and socialize with friends and family. Curious as to what this unique house? Scroll down and find more surprises.

Although this house can be used all year long, Agneta and her family usually spend the most time only during the summer, when they eat in the citrus orchard almost every day.

The kitchen overlooks the family property, has a minimalist design with a bit of style industry with a counter and a stainless steel sink, enabling a more simple maintenance and low kitchen.

There is a dining garden adjacent to the black swing-shaped bed, providing the perfect place to eat under the stars and the night sky.

Carrots with black plant markers.

To keep out of direct sunlight into the room, potted plants lining the perimeter of the room almost in every row of the window. There are tomato plants that deliberately placed in the room, giving more benefits that can be obtained at once.

The living room uses an open concept with beautiful houseplants shelves. The room is perfect in the fall when it is often too cold to sit outside at night. The large windows and plants make it feel you are outside even when you are sitting in.

Homeowners seem to love gardening, seen from the neat and really beautiful garden with raised beds are stained black. Some white outdoor furniture is also seen blending with the natural surroundings.

source: gardenista

photo: sandra pettersson


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