20 Charming DIY Snow Globes That Kids Will Love

The most fun thing during winter holidays is that you can do a lot of things inside the house, even though being outside sounds very pleasant but cold air is not recommended for your kids. Luckily they can still carry a positive activity with various decorations and crafts. Speaking of decoration, there is no piece of winter holiday decoration that is more popular than snow globe. This is a stunning DIY project that makes your winter warmer with family, they are very beautiful as a fireplace decoration, very suitable to be a part of Christmas decorations, and become a favorite gift of many people. Anyone can make this snow globes, even kids will love it. They are cheap and using materials that is easy to get. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of budget just for an awesome snow globe because this simple project will give you a lot of fun during the festive season.

Begin by asking children to make some simple snow globe design, it can help children to learn and practice their creativity. DIY snow globes can be made with objects around you that I am sure you all have some at home such as mason jar, kids toys, snowman dolls, white paper and many more. Try to combine this craft with other items, and even some DIY snow globe can really look charming and worthy of sale, isn’t it wrong to not have a business plan during the winter holidays? Most importantly, try to involve the children to have fun because this craft did not know the age. Here I have collected 20 DIY snow globes that kids will love, please find your favorite snow globe ideas!





















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