35 Cool Ways To Recycle Motorcycle Parts Into Your Decor

I am a big fan of motorbikes, and even have some old motorcycle collections in warehouses that are not used. Sometimes I wonder what to do with all the old motorcycle parts? Honestly, I still like some parts of my old motorcycle and don’t want them to end up in wreckage. If you are like me, there are many ways to incorporate old motorcycle parts into decorations. I think this idea is a tribute to my old motorbike, at least some of the parts can still be used to change back into something new and cool. So, I started collecting what I can do and are looking for a DIY project that allows to reuse old motorcycle parts. Fortunately, today I found more than what I expected and it makes me impatient to share with you.

If you are a creative person who likes repurposing, then you will really like all these DIY ideas. Maybe you think it’s a huge waste of time, but believe me there are so many cool ways to take part of the vehicle wreckage and convert it into industrial decor that might be suitable for a man cave. Who doesn’t fall in love with a table lamp made of vehicle shock absorber, stylish tables from your old motorcycle parts, to hanging racks from several vehicle keys. I love things that are new and creative, most of them will not spend your time to solve them. Even if you don’t have old motorcycle parts, you can easily find them at a flea market or buy them online if you like this DIY idea. Here are 35 cool ways to recycle motorcycle parts into your decor. Scroll down and restart your old motorbike!


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