Bali Bamboo House that Like A Paradise By Ibuku

Amidst the natural beauty in Bali, stands a luxurious bamboo house designed by Ibuku. Sharma Spring Residence was built almost entirely using bamboo as its main ingredient by adapting the beautiful natural surroundings. The house blessed by a stunning natural be peaceful escape for homeowners, especially on weekends.

Stand tall at the peak of the beauty of the island of Bali. Sharma Spring is the highest bamboo structure built in Bali. This building consists of six floors, four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an awesome view that can be accessed through the entrance of a 15 meter long tunnel. This structure is still supported by a central tower that houses smaller inner towers. This tower inside the secret of the majestic heights. Inspired by lotus flower petals. Each room has a different theme according to client’s request. This house is also equipped with facilities that support holidays such as paradise such as a riverfront yoga pavilion, outdoor spa and barbecue by the pool which are all surrounded by beautiful nature.

Ibuku designed this house for the Sharma family to become a jungle fantasy escape. The house which has an area of 750 square meters is directly facing the Ayung river valley, a spot that is known for its natural beauty. Connected by a circular staircase around the central tower to the lowest level which gives access to the children’s playroom, four bedrooms and the library. Remarkably, if on the natural floor, this house has a view of the sunset in the Ayung river valley and the soothing Green Village. A small paradise that adapts to this natural beauty can only be found in Bali.

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