Modern Tree Houses Integrated With Indoor And Outdoor

Modern homes today make it possible to integrate between indoor and outdoor. Like this amazing tree house filled with light from outside. Named Casa Cor, this is one of the many home designs that go far beyond interior design. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Suite Arquitetos is successfully combining two different concepts of space. In the photos you can see well the lines and solutions given to space, I find perfect integration between the surrounding environment, such as external and internal meetings, rips in the walls of the room, wooden boxes that wrap around the bedroom, and the way they break the bathroom , I think it’s really brilliant.

Placing furniture is a smart way, in this house the sofa is the most dominating. The kitchen is equally beautiful, and from several angles it looks like a stone block. But the best of this house is the landscape garden idea that almost circles the entire house both in front of and in the backyard, and wait until you see an outdoor shower. Practical design without having to use a lot of walls is very popular nowadays, and they adhere to that style by using earthy tones, but not monotonous. All objects are interesting, with nuances of Brazilian culture and diverse textures.

source: casadevalentine


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