Summitridge: Mid-Century Modern European House With Artistic Accents

What would happen if mid-century style house combined with modern interiors? Don’t you imagine, because the Summitridge interiors consists of a modern style that combines with a strong mid-century feminine touch. The interior of this house is full of artistic nuances and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Houses were also adopted binding medieval European art of this style and gives a luxurious place to stay but also earthy with natural surroundings. Walking in this house, we will be presented with a unique interior style, beautiful, smart but has amazing artistic value.

Color selection is very important to unite two different styles, such as a cream color palette, ivory, blush, and neutral violet. Soft curves abound and are used in some furniture. You will find a mid-century sofa by Vladimir Kagan Serpentine, a custom marble parchment coffee table from Marmol Radziner in the living room to a mushroom chair by Pierre Paulin and a backrest in the living room. Curious as to what? Look at the following photos of artistic home designs.

source: marmol-radziner


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