The Simple Box House Being In nature

This new holiday house offers luxury in a different sense, which means luxury here is the luxury of being and being close to nature, lying in the sun, reading books, doing nothing, even breaking ties with the outside world. Designed by Steffen Welsch Architects in collaboration with Damien Thackray, this project gives you uninterrupted privacy as a vacation spot built after the Black Friday fire. Client is one of the victims who may have lost everything, and he wanted his house to be rebuilt to maintain what he thinks is important. The first step was to rebuild a nearly charred two-story house into a dramatic wooden box house, stepping into the landscape to maximize the view, even though the final results were simple.

A simple box construction creates a comfortable shelter that embrace the landscape. Equipped with an open living room and kitchen space under a simple mezzazine sleeping platform, this house has windows that frame the scenery, and an outdoor deck that is deliberately designed is bigger than the size of a house to encourage life outside the home. Wooden house at first glance like a remote lodge that may only find the end of your trip. This is a reflection of the natural beauty that makes anyone want to stop in it.

photography: Brendan Finn


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