Modern Tree House with Wood Architecture in Guatemala

We do not think if tree house is truly live and be a part modern house design, tree house located in Guatemala take wood architecture as pillar building and let it keep growing naturally. Tree here on average have aged decades and almost reached maximum limit so you don’t have to worry about strength of the building. Modern house consists of three levels and each level as that in going through big tree to interact with nature around because there are more green spaces which positively impact on your life. Many luxury furnishings fill house interior, it looks like it is in contrast to views forests around but modern tree house ideas like this very creative for place of residence. See all modern home design from pictures below and let us know how you like it.

Modern tree house with wood architecture in Guatemala is combination of modern lifestyle and natural forests, here is an architectural design to live a more beautiful, we hope you get it.

source : homedsgn


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