Warm Family House From The Inside Out

The attention to detail resulted in a stunning family house. Designed by Lot 1 Design, this house is warm from inside to outside.

Filled with raw pallets of concrete and plywood, Headland House uses interior decorating and art curation coatings filled with muted tones, natural materials and textures enhance the experience of a quiet and light family house.

This house is quite stiff, angular and minimal which gives a challenge for architects. This is very different from the home that has an organic objects and the sense of touch to create an environment that will give homeowners the warmth they are looking for and complements the existing architecture. The structural walls all run at random angles that pose challenges in placing furniture and art. All parts must be positioned naturally to be integrated into the architecture, allowing homeowners to transition comfortably in all spaces.

Fortunately, this house is designed architecturally in such a way that the homeowner can interact visually from one end to the other through internal pages. Collaborating with artists Tracey Deep and Croosing Threads, both of which were inspired by nature are very helpful in the completion of the existing concept, allows to expand the view to levels never imagined before.

Family house that will add warmth and texture to the room to bring elements from the outside, and to maintain a neutral tone by using a soft throughout the interior. The client is a young family of four so that practical furniture and finished choices are also important factors. This house was originally an art studio and gallery space for artist Gabrielle Pool whose works have always been admired by these clients, so the architect commissioned works from Gabrielle and other local Australian artists to complete this project.


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