12 Unusual DIY Fence Ideas That Will Surprise You

Fences are very important when we talk about home security, this area will guard against unwanted things such as the entry of strangers, wild animals, and keep children on the streets. Today there are a lot of fence designs with different sizes and materials that can be adjusted with the concept is not only attractive but also have maximum functionality. In addition to maintaining privacy for residents of the house, the fence can also be part of the decoration that will beautify your outdoor space.

Today I want to surprise you with an unusual fence idea that you might never have imagined before. Here’s 12 of the most creative design of the fence trying to get out of the box, at least everyone will see the fence of your house whenever passed or as a marker that the friends you can easily find your home. If you are bored with mediocre fence designs and want something different. Scroll down and enjoy our tour!

1. Bird House Fences

2. Surfboard Fences

3. Snow Sky Fences

4. Road Sign Fences

5. Door Fences

6. Window Fences

7. Pencil Fences

8. Old Bike Fences

9. Exhaust Fences

10. Piano Fences

11. Cactus Fences

12. Fence Lighting


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