37 Cozy Retro Papasan Chairs For Your Every Interior

There are some furniture that has never stood the test of time, and one of them is a papasan chair. This furniture has been around since the 70s and was a cultural icon of its time. But along with the times, the chair bumped never really out of date, proved up to now they are still in control either maintained or retro design that has been renovated to match contemporary trends. A little look back before this chair is widely used as part of furniture design, papasan chairs are only used as a staple part of economical furniture in Thailand and the Philippines. Maybe that’s the reason why this chair feels like an Asian design, if in the past the papasan chair was only made of rattan but now many designers have succeeded in perfecting it. Curious as to what? In the following, I have collected 37 retro papasan chairs that you can use for each of your interiors.

Cozy Retro Look

Papasan chair has become part of today’s modern interiors. Chairs that have many designations such as plate chairs, moon chairs, and bowl chairs are widely used as complementary furniture or separate in certain spaces. Papasan chair basically do come with the functionality and design are never outdated. Shaped in a round bowl and covered with cushions or other comfortable material, the papasan chair is clearly an attractive choice for your interior. Most people are accustomed to the basic type, having a perfectly round shape with rattan material. This design does look retro, can be part of the living room, bedroom, or as a comfortable reading chair in the corner of the room.

Various Design Options Updated

As furniture trends change, papasan chairs also experience many developments. Many designers create a chair bumped tailored to current market demand. If you only know the design of retro-style papasan chairs. However, you might not realize that there are also other types of papasan chairs that have unique designs. I am sure you have seen some of the above types, and today I will complete them with more inspiration for you. This post covers all types, from retro papasan chairs, industrial, classic to elegant modern designs.


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