Casa Kalyvas: Big Volume Interior With Integrated To Outdoors

The large volume exploited creates the distribution of space and atmosphere of Casa Kalyvas covering an area of 900 square meters in Colima, Mexico. Designed by Di Frenna Arquitectos, this volumetric management resulted in 5 facade consisting of elements which are endowed concrete, stone from the area, wood and steel beams ring that surrounds the house and joined the architectural volume. The main idea is to create more intimate moments that are balanced with beautiful scenery in the surrounding landscape.

This house does not end with the physical boundaries of its property, but is more integrated with the outdoors, most of the time is green, and in some seasons there are times where in a year the tree branches are able to create a game of changing lights and shadows in all interior and exterior spaces. Turn it into a massive grille that gives freshness to the home, as well as a symbol tree Colima.

The volume in which Casa Kalyvas composed creating wind channels and freshness, almost all the interior was left open and blend with the surrounding environment, giving the location of openings that allow the entry of natural elements into the room. The main concept is indeed inspired by nature, has a unique space without the need for division by the wall.


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