Modest And Minimalist DeNormanville House By TBA

DeNormanville is a one-story house with the addition of an era of protection exploring new roads located in Quebec, Canada. This project was designed by TBA for a simpler transformation of the one-story typology that is now being intensively applied in this city. This project responds in a way that is relatively radical with a limited financial budget of the main challenges in designing the addition of front yard to a small structure in the architecture.

Inspired by the surrounding nature by taking maximum preservation of adult Siberian elm trees as its main departure point, this intervention was made to weave carefully around the trees in the front yard, while providing a series of spaces in new-sized outdoor spaces. The old structures are preserved and now even find himself at the heart of a new home, this project stood up admirably to a one-story house with a simple movement, minimal, and extraordinary. DeNormanville is an interesting concept for those of you who need inspiration for an ideal house extension.



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