Pandanus House With The Sea Views Over The Dunes

Being on location is really enviable, Sparks Architects has completed the house like a vacation across the sand dunes Peregian Beach. The challenge for the project itself is to be high enough to capture the ocean view over the dunes without crossing the official height limit or blocking all views of the surrounding neighbors. Fortunately, the finished building is well below the maximum allowable height on the sloping block with most of the building being along the site depth, while the rest of the section extending above the footprint is at the minimum structure. This is interesting because there are two points of view which allows creating an open porch below it, while homeowners can still enjoy the view over the sea.

This massing provides openness to the site and toll roads to the property behind. By slipping into the back of the parking lot and drive additional garage, workshop and media room to the basement floor. Much of this home is reduced by a living room wing that provides an anchor to a light-looking upstairs bedroom wing. Standing firmly with spacious property but still allowing the view and the breeze to the neighbors.

The alignment of shapes means that only a fraction of the building appears as two full floors. The living room pushes forward as one floor to hide the garage door in the shadows below, while the parlor’s garden roof makes the bedroom wing far back far behind the block appear almost in its own right. As we know, many coastal homes compromising passive solar principles to maximize their eastern ocean view, but this house is different. Direct outdoor life to the large covered northern terrace while maintaining sea views. The bedrooms are all oriented to the sea and incorporates full height windows and doors, but it is protected by a folding wooden shutters on the edge of the balcony. The house is designed to provide lots of different indoor and outdoor spaces to suit all seasons and a mix of family activities and personal space.


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