10 Outdoor Wedding Decor Ideas That Natural Vibe

Wedding is the most precious moment and awaited by everyone. This is the reason why many couples who are getting married are often stressed with all the preparations for their wedding day. Besides food, decoration is the first thing that becomes the center of attention of every guest who comes. So do not be surprised if every bride expecting her wedding decorations look beautiful and charming.

But holding a wedding party is not as cheap as we think, there are many things to think about so that a wedding party can be successful, and of course it requires a large budget. The solution is that many people make their wedding parties simple, one of which is by carrying out outdoor weddings.

This wedding idea is simple, but if you are creative, the idea of an outdoor wedding is no less amazing than a wedding with a large budget. You can put anything into the décor such as family photos, favorite accessories, or items that impress you. Today I want to bring a more natural touch to your wedding, then discover the most memorable outdoor wedding ideas.

1. Wedding decorations with wooden backgrounds are great combined with natural accents. With an idea like this, you can even hold a wedding party in the backyard.


2. DIY chandelier decorations make the atmosphere even more romantic. In addition to hanging lanterns, you can make hanging decorations with garlands made of mason bottles.


3. I’ve always loved the idea of a farmhouse themed wedding. This decor is very pretty by bringing a vintage feel to the outdoors.


4. You can also make your own wedding sign by using the items around.


5. A series of family photos is not only memorable but also as part of a charming decoration.


6. No need for fancy lighting for a romantic wedding. Use string light with warm dim lighting as a wedding backdrop.


7. This wedding decoration brings an elegant vintage feel. Recycle objects around to be transformed into a romantic wedding idea.


8. Flower decorations always manage to make any event feel special, and outdoor weddings are no exception.


9. Each of your guests will enjoy a feast at an outdoor table. Add natural decorations like greenery or vines.


10. Capture every wedding moment by creating a special area for the photo session. Here you and your guests can have fun by sharing happy moments.



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