10 Sweet Valentine Day Bouquet Ideas

Not sure what gift to give on Valentine’s Day? Maybe this time you’ve got a plan a romantic dinner or a special gift that will make your partner impressed. But don’t forget the Valentine bouquet! If usually a valentine bouquet that you know uses flowers as the main decoration, now you can give a different valentine’s bouquet than usual.

Collect favorite snacks, chocolates, or items that he likes the most to assemble into a bouquet. Not only unique, this Valentine’s Day gift will also look beautiful, sweet, or even savory to surprise her on Valentine’s Day. Today we’ve put together 10 sweet valentine bouquet ideas without flower. Want to know what it is like? Stay tuned and get some inspiration!

1. Donuts are a sweet snack and most loved by couples around the world. You can string donuts in a heart shape or in interesting colors to get a Valentine bouquet that is not only delicious but also looks cute.


2. If you want to make your couple happy on Valentine’s Day, it’s actually very easy. Only give him a bouquet of money that may be of use to his needs or to buy the things he wants.


3. Have a food that you both like? You can give sweet surprises by making a bouquet of foods that are both of your favorites. That way he will know that you really value your relationship.


4. Want a festive valentine bouquet but have a limited budget? Try picking out snacks and assembling them into a cool bouquet. Buy several snacks at once and assemble them into an attractive shape.


5. Do you and your couple like to eat fried chicken? Whether it’s when you are dating or often make it yourself at home. This fried chicken bouquet is so attractive and so delicious than having to give her flowers.


6. In addition to flowers, bouquet doll was a favorite of each pair of lovers. This bouquet is perfect as a gift to a woman who has a gentle and feminine nature.


7. Every woman loves to beautify themselves and make up is an important part of their life. Make up bouquet can also be an alternative that you can give on Valentine’s Day.


8. This valentine card bouquet idea is perfect for kids. Make a DIY valentine bouquet in the shape of an easy greeting card to make out of paper or cardboard.


9. Pocky pink snack has a shape and color suitable for Valentine’s Day. Even though it looks simple, you can decorate it as attractive as possible for a Valentine’s gift bouquet.


10. Talking about Valentine’s Day will not be complete without chocolate for Valentine’s gift. Make a sweet and delicious chocolate bouquet as an alternative to a valentine’s bouquet other than flowers.



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