8 Small Kitchen Design Integrated With Outdoor

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. In addition to being a place to cook, the kitchen is also often used as to relax and enjoy the food when you will move. Maybe that’s the reason why today many kitchen designs are integrated into the dining room. A comfortable kitchen will make anyone feel at home in it, and your kitchen doesn’t need to be luxurious, grand, or spacious, even a small kitchen with an open concept can be the best choice for a minimalist design.

To maximize the kitchen as a family favorite place, now many people design their kitchen to be integrated with the outdoors. Cooking outdoors gives a different sensation because you can feel like being in nature. The concept of a kitchen like this is usually connected to a garden or backyard.

If you’re lucky enough to still have enough outside space, here are eight small kitchen designs that make cooking even more fun.

1. Industrial open kitchen with bamboo curtain


2. Green small kitchen with greenery décor


3. Minimalist white kitchen integrated with tiny garden


4. Natural rural kitchen design


5. Open kitchen and dining space with small laundry


6. Open kitchen bar garden


7. Rustic open kitchen with brick exposed


8. Natural brown kitchen color



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