Laufen Launches Pop-up Cinema Dedicated To Art Film


Trying to dilute the opinion that exhibition booths usually only have one-time use, Laufen launched I AM A CINEMA by proving that exhibition booths can be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Premiering at Art Basel, this is his new cultural commitment dedicated to art films.

I AM A CINEMA is also the name of a pop-up cinema that Laufen developed to easily bring art films to various places and create a special viewing experience. Swiss architect Fuhrimann Hächler, for the past three years has also hosted the Laufen trade show and exhibition booth, designing temporary structures of plywood for quick assembly and disassembly.


With its elevated facades bearing the words I AM A CINEMA, this film box looks even larger in size and importance, in reference to the iconic idea of a “decorated warehouse” created in late 1970s architectural theory.

Uniquely, unlike exhibition booths in general, which are built only for use in a few days, this mini cinema is deliberately made with one that allows it to be overhauled and rebuilt. That is why the mini cinema can be used more than once and is practical because it can be moved to several different places.



In the coming months, I AM A CINEMA will be set up in central locations in European cities, featuring a 20-minute short film titled Res Pola by Pola Sieverding and Marc Comes.

Starting its first journey in Art Basel, I AM A CINEMA will also be present at other events such as Berlin’s International Film Festival (Berlinale), the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone del Mobile) and the Venice Biennale (all in 2022).


Wrapped with a unique design and simple appearance made of plywood material, this pop-up cinema is expected to be a new platform for a fun development and screening process.


designer: laufen


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