Willow Farm Homestead: Best Weekend Place That Bring Memories


Have you ever longed for a place where you can remember the past, bits and pieces of childhood memories that bring comfort when you think about them. Like Willow Warm located in Berry, New South Wales which brings memories of the past to the best place for vacation. This is a secluded and intimate guesthouse to spend the weekend or host weddings and events.

When Amy Willesee and Mark Whittaker unexpectedly inherit a 67-acre former dairy farm from Amy’s mother, the life of this family changes forever.

This property was purchased by Amy’s mother in 2003 and started to renovate an 1920s homestead colored butter. Renovations resumed in 2006, where he wanted to refresh and repaint the interior, locating a charming French provincial-style kitchen and adding a new, spacious main wing complete with suite bathrooms and antique French doors that open onto the outdoor courtyard area.


The property is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes with the persimmon tree being one of the family’s favourites. Not to mention the beautiful bundewallah river flowing through the property. There is a spacious garden area where children can play or as a place to hold weddings and theme parties outdoors.

Currently Willow Farm Homestead is offered as accommodation, wedding and event space. This property was an unexpected blessing from Amy’s mother, and there’s no better way to thank you than to share such a beautiful place.











source: homestolove


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