20 Artsy And Elegant French Countryside Home Designs


Everything about France is indeed an attraction in itself. Starting from the language, the artwork, to the interior. French-style houses usually display an artsy and elegant impression, this style of house is also often referred to as a French country home or french provincial home which uses many distinctive elements such as stone, brick, or stucco with steep roofs and large windows. French countryside home is all about warmth, charm and a sense of life in beauty. Both indoors and outdoors strive to balance classic design style with elegance.

In addition to the term French province which has broad characteristics, there are also chateau-style houses which are part of the much sought after French architectural style. Often French-style homes also feature courtyard gardens, iron gates, and gravel pathways as part of their landscape. Overall, this rustic and country home style look with an artsy touch is the main attraction of the French home design.

Here are some of the elements that make French architecture and its interior styles so popular around the world, let’s take a look!


French home characteristics

French style homes usually refer to the characteristics of a French country house that balance a relaxed and contemporary classic rustic design. Generally, French-style houses have a dining room, breakfast nook, living room, family room, kitchen and of course several bedrooms. As we already know, French dwellings are houses made of stone, brick, or stucco, which often include steep roofs, and characteristic large arched doors and windows. On the outside, these French-style homes often feature courtyard gardens decorated with signature plants such as rose bushes, hydrangeas, lavender, or even topiary art and creeping ivy.



Inside, this style of home is usually complemented by parquet floors laid out in a chevron or herringbone pattern. Not to forget, high ceilings with high doors and large windows that provide natural light into the house make the interior style feel more spacious.



The most popular colors for French homes are on a spectrum of whites, grays, creams, blushes, and light blues. Coupled with gold accents of brass, emerald green, ruby red, amethyst purple, or citrine yellow on sofas, pillows, candle holders, antique mirrors, or lamps, which will further strengthen the impression of a dwelling with this style. Accents of these colors can give a warm impression when combined with white or cream colors throughout the house.


Classic element

Another common element that you can find in a French home style is the use of wrought iron for stair railings, low-hanging chandeliers, floor lamps, or candle holders. The use of wrought iron will strengthen the impression of a French-style residence and give a classic impression.



Another distinctive feature is the use of classic furniture, such as large sofas, magnificent beds, and armoires (French wardrobes), which have cabriole legs in the furniture. As quoted from the Home to Love page, cabriole legs appeared on French furniture in the early 18th century, and are now one of the most common characteristics of French-style furniture.


Indoor plant and artwork

French people seem to really like the nuances of nature and artwork in their home interiors, which makes indoor ornamental plants one of the most favorite decor elements in French-style homes. In addition, the elements of the artwork are also very thick in the interior style as seen in the use of sculptural, such as busts and statues, and vintage art, which will add an artsy impression to the French style house. Get inspired!















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