7 Cool Ventilation Block Ideas To Get Inspired

Houses with an open concept often apply a lot of ventilation to the walls and bulkheads. Maybe you’ve seen a wall partition with a motif cavity made of stone? This design element is also called a ventilation block which has a function as an air circulation path and a barrier from sunlight.

Ventilation blocks are also often used by many people as room dividers or to add aesthetic accents to a dwelling, especially the outside. There are various designs of ventilation blocks, the motifs and patterns on the holes also vary so that it allows you to choose the ventilation block that best fits the concept you want to display.

Today we’ve rounded up some cool ideas using ventilation blocks for those of you who want an open air into the room. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining area


Open kitchens and dining areas are in high demand today. The relaxed atmosphere and views of the outdoors make any activity in this place even more enjoyable.

For closed areas such as walls, you can add a ventilation block to maintain air circulation, placing it right behind the kitchen area for maximum results.

2. Bathroom ventilation block in pastel colors


As a bathroom divider with an open concept. This ventilation block doubles as a statement wall in a gorgeous pastel blue.

Combine it with refreshing greenery to feel more comfortable and privacy is maintained. Also add various decorations that you like!

3. Ventilation block for kitchen divider


A bright and open kitchen does feel more spacious, but you still need to maintain privacy when you are doing activities in this area. To get around this, use a ventilation block that functions as a room divider while adding privacy in your kitchen.

Choose a motif with a large hole so as not to block the light from outside.

4. Ventilation block integrated to outdoor


For those who like interior designs that are connected to the outdoors, you can add privacy blocks as a solution. Instead of using glass walls, the concept of open housing feels more integrated with the environment.

Captures the outdoors, and the ventilation block serves as a beautiful frame.

5. Outdoor accent with ventilation block


Want the outdoor area to look cooler? You can add ventilation blocks that are ready to welcome guests who come in a unique way.

Apply ventilation blocks as fences or outdoor bulkheads that add to the aesthetic impression.

6. Outdoor lounge with ventilation block


Have a lounge area as a family favorite place? Now you can make it more stylish with wall insulation from ventilation blocks. Give an accent by painting it red or terracotta.

Even though the area you have is limited in size, the use of this ventilation block is still functional as a private area or just to beautify the outdoors.

7. Cozy pool design with ventilation block wall


Any residence will feel comfortable if it is equipped with a swimming pool. No matter how small your swimming pool is, you still need a privacy wall.

Ventilation blocks are not only the best choice for swimming pool walls, but also make your relaxing time more enjoyable because of the freer air circulation.


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