Meteorite House That Connect To Nature In Finland


Meteorite are unique wooden houses that are interconnected between life to be closer to nature. Designed by Ateljé Sotama, the project is a residential building located in Kontiolahti, apparently a remote area of eastern Finland. The building consists of three floors made entirely of wood and features a series of interconnected open spaces that blend in with the surrounding landscape. Approaching on foot through the forest, a mystical dark object appeared among the trees. However, within the polyhedron-shaped house, the high atrium with 10 square meter skylights provides an unobstructed view of the stars.

Another uniqueness of this house is the seven-meter-high catamaran net that residents can use to float and experience creative thoughts. Basically “a meteorite is not a big house, but inside it represents a completely new 3-dimensional open concept way of organizing living spaces”, says Ateljé Sotamaa’s co-founder, Kivi Sotamaa. “Unlike traditional houses where each room has a specific, predetermined purpose, meteorite architecture supports a more dynamic relationship between its occupants and various living situations. digital design and new prefabricated and construction technologies enable the creation of unique and aesthetically pleasing high-quality ecological timber buildings that add experiential value to their sites.”


Meteorite is made of prefabricated cross-laminated wood (CLT) panels, insulated by air and natural ventilation. The walls have four meters of air insulation, and the large, natural-looking windows are all heated by electricity. Light Nordic wood material lines the interior, the roof is solid wood, oiled to withstand the elements and ages beautifully. The building, which has absorbed nearly 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide into its materials, was introduced to the public for the first time at an exhibition at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium during Helsinki Design Week.











architect: ateljé sotama

photos: vahanen group


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