20 Adorable Baby Pink Color Ideas For Kids Room


Adding pink to the children’s room is in accordance with the feminine style. This color choice is perfect for those of you who have daughters from toddler to adult. But unlike the pink color which is too flashy, this baby pink color has a softer appearance and is pleasing to the eye.

Baby pink is still a type of pink, but it looks softer than pink in general. Applying it to a children’s room will not only make the room look beautiful, the colors produced from pink and white will also make your little one feel cozy.

This color accent makes a great statement for a girl with a feminine personality. From painting walls, furniture, to showing decorations in baby pink. Here are some baby pink kids room inspiration that will make your little girl happy.


Baby pink color on the walls of the room

Walls are a favorite area when you want to decorate a room. That also applies to kids rooms where you can apply baby pink color to the bedroom walls. Since this color is not too flashy, you can change the whole wall with baby pink color. In addition, painting one side of the wall or half of the wall will give an aesthetic impression to the room. Pair it with furniture that has matching colors, such as brown, gold, or gray so it doesn’t look monotonous. For a child’s room, it will be easier, you can add kid-friendly furniture, carpets, or wall decorations with baby pink accents. This color will feel more comfortable if used sparingly in a minimalist, modern, boho, or rustic style, the baby pink color will enhance the appearance of your kids room.


The right baby pink color combination

Maybe you are wondering what color is most suitable to be combined with baby pink? To get a comfortable child’s room atmosphere, baby pink is very beautiful when paired with gray or white. Both have neutral color accents, you can paint one of the walls white, then choose gray furniture. A touch of baby pink will add pop anywhere you want to add color, or you can be as creative as you like. The combination of baby pink, white and gray never fails to make a kids room more beautiful.


Kids room décor in baby pink color

For those of you who are still reluctant to change the whole appearance of a child’s room in pink, try giving this color accent to the room decor. You don’t have to fill the entire room, just apply some baby pink wall hangings or decorative displays. It will still look cute to decorate a kids room.


Kids room furniture in baby pink color

To further highlight a more feminine child’s room, you can add some furniture in this color, such as a sofa, table, bed, cupboard or other furniture. You don’t have to replace all the colors of the furniture with the same color, just give a touch of this sweet color to some of the furniture that kids like the most. This simple method is more than enough to create a feminine style Kids room. Find more nursery inspiration in our favorite baby pink color!

















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