20 Pretty And Delicious Ramadan Cookies Ideas


It doesn’t feel like the first week of Ramadan has entered, and I hope that every Muslim will be more solemn in worship and more enthusiastic about fasting. Apart from decorating the house with the nuances of Ramadan, there is one thing that I look forward to the most before Eid, especially if it’s not enjoying the pleasures of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

Ramadan cake packs are the perfect way to celebrate the holy month of the year with your loved ones and get into a sugar rush. With so many different shapes, colors and flavors to choose from, Ramadan cookies will be loved by kids too.

There are memories in every bite of Ramadhan biscuits, I’m sure you also miss how your mother used to make them every year. Cookies can be sold, enjoyed alone, or as a gift for Eid. They are really pleasing to the eye, these pastries are of course also pleasing to the tongue. If by chance you are looking for cookie ideas to complete your table decoration or want to celebrate Ramadan, choose one of your favorites below!


Cookies for Eid gifts

Enjoying cookies when breaking the fast feels delicious, but apart from being an iftar menu, cookies can also be a special gift on Eid. And when you want to give something special to your loved ones, why not make your own with Islamic themed cookie ideas. There are various shapes and flavors of cookies that characterize Ramadan, from cookies shaped like mosques, lanterns, crescent moons, stars, to cakes with Islamic calligraphy. Place the cookie in a container or transfer them to a sweet box where you can give them as gifts. Decorate it with ribbons and add happy Eid wishes to your closest and distant relatives. Cookies will feel more meaningful on a special day.


Ramadan and Eid cookies ideas

As Eid approaches, cake supplies are also increasing. Instead of wet cakes, many people prefer cookies because they last a long time and have many shapes and flavors. These various cookies are made as attractive as possible with the theme of Ramadan in accordance with Muslim celebrations. For those of you who are looking for recommendations for Eid cookies, here I have collected some lists of Ramadan cookies such as cheese, peanut cookies, snow white cookies, chocolate cookies, butter cookies, nastar cookies, and many more. In this post, not only the taste, but also the shape and color of the cookie are an attraction that can beautify your dining table setting. Enjoy!



















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