7 Easy And Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom may be smaller than the rest of the room in the house. However, if used correctly, you can keep it comfortable and organized. Due to its limited size, sometimes we find it difficult where to store items or other bathroom equipment. In this case the space saving concept is all you need. Everything in the bathroom is neat and organized in its place, both in the cabinet and in the drawer, which will make your bath time even more enjoyable.

Organization in the bathroom makes a big difference when you want to search and find things right away, making your bathroom routine a lot smoother. From bathroom wall storage to concealed storage, here are some ways to improve your bathroom storage and organization ideas.

1. Easy to move carts


Forget all the troublesome shelves and storage boxes, now you can use a carts as a storage solution. Equipped with several layers of sturdy shelves and wheels that make it easy to move, cart can be extra storage that is easily accessible.

2. Drawer with transparent settings


If your bathroom has well-organized drawers, then you need an easy-to-find organization of items. A transparent storage and organization box may be what you need. Consists of various sizes, so it’s easy to store a lot of things.

3. Wall shelf without damaging the wall


Wall shelves have proven to be effective for saving space in the bathroom. This is a shelf set with suction cups, mini shelves and a pole to hang clothes. There’s no need to drill into the wall as it’s easy to install in just a few minutes. A practical bathroom shelf to put everything.

4. Utilize the area behind the door


The area behind the bathroom door is often neglected, but this area is a great opportunity where you can create a storage area. Hangers or shelves that are installed behind the door are a smart solution for storing towels to bathroom equipment.

5. DIY storage ladder


Are you a DIY enthusiast? This DIY ladder shelf is very practical because it blends in with your bathroom decor. Add baskets in each section of the shelf to hang lots of things, while the natural wood material gives it an aesthetic look.

6. Mirror cabinet with storage units


Mirrors are important accessories that we often see in the bathroom. Apart from helping us dress up, this furniture can also be equipped with a storage area. Add shelves under the mirror or hide it behind the mirror to accommodate more things.

7. Practical shelf under the cabinet


The shelf under the bathroom cabinet gives you extra storage for your bulky items, from towels to clothes, without creating a mess. The concept blends in with the bathroom furniture so it doesn’t spoil visually.


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