Cabin Anna: Offers A New Experience To Stay In Nature


Dutch designer Caspar Schols has completed the ‘ANNA’ collection, a modular log cabin design with sliding double shells that open and blend into their surroundings. Located in the De Biesbosch National Park in the Netherlands, this cabin is the latest iteration of the Cabin Anna flatpack, which hit the scene in 2016. Schols originally built this cabin as a prototype garden room for his mother, in their home in Eindhoven. The original cabin was such a success and was converted into a series of commercially available packaged cabin structures.

Consisting of two protective sliding skins, the cabin can adapt to the weather, mood, or occasion and can blend into its surroundings when divided, or provide occupants with privacy when closed. The inner shell is made of double glazing which is suitable for any season, protecting the structure from rainwater while still letting in natural sunlight.


Offers a new experience of staying in nature

Inspired by a deep desire for everything that happens in nature, Cabin Anna invites you to experience nature in a whole new way. Get the magical feeling of sleeping under the open sky and waking up to the sound of birds chirping from the comfort of your cabin. This cabin was developed in a modular way so that it can adapt to all weather conditions. Due to its dry joints, the cabin can be disassembled and moved at any time without leaving a trace in nature, while all materials can be taken apart and reused.


The first Anna cabin started in Holenberg

ANNA various dreams with the world began in Holenberg. This stunning location is at the gate of the De Maashorst nature reserve, as well as being the site of the first prototypes. This is where designers initially design and test ANNA. Holleberg became a laboratory as well as a home for ANNA. Holenberg is the first destination for you to experience ANNA and learn more about the designer’s journey. Opening publicly in 2021, this project aims to allow everyone to experience the freedom of living with the elements and share this adventure with family and friends.


Discover new experiences and horizons every day

Staying in Anna cabin offers nature’s rhythms and seasons up close. This cabin is a part of nature in perfect balance instead of escaping it. You can customize Anna’s cabin depending on the event, mood or weather conditions. Cabin settings can be changed at will by playing with layers of wood and glass. Anna is a womb of comfort and a platform open to the elements. Find more inspiration below!











Designer: Caspar Schols


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