Pod Studio: The World’s Smartest Tiny Home By Podform


Podform introduces their flagship project, Pod Studio which is claimed to be the world’s smartest tiny home. The reason is, this house is truly portable which can change from 161 square feet to 464 square feet in just under 15 minutes. Equipped with hydraulic legs, solar panels and smart technology, everything can be controlled via a dedicated app. Smart homes offer the option to connect or operate off the grid, making them a dynamic living solution that can be tailored to needs, such as relaxation, work or generating rental income.

Pod Studio can accommodate a variety of functions and modes of life. When you don’t use the house, it can be used as a rental property, so it can be a profitable source of income. A home that offers free and natural living without having to give up everything you need in the modern world. Keep following the smart home tour that you shouldn’t miss below!


Hydraulic legs eliminate the need for no foundation

Facilitating dynamic and versatile living, the fully furnished Pod Studio eliminates the need for foundations, making loading and unloading easy. Giving you ample living space on a small plot of land, this house is integrated with state-of-the-art solar panels, battery storage system, water tank and internal septic thus providing its own living environment. Podform also equips homes with technology-based smart features. From temperature control and security to lighting and equipment, each can be controlled via the app. Additionally, the projection glass wall feature can transform a room from a cozy living space to a beautiful haven at the touch of a button.


The exterior is sleek and tough

Pod Studio is built with precision and attention to detail. The outer surface is covered with aluminum, making the house very tough. The exterior comes in an elegant matte black finish with dark wood features and built-in LED lighting.


Furnished for your needs

Pod Studio is a 454 square foot move-in ready home that is fully furnished. Here there is a smart kitchen, washing machine, dryer, king size automatic murphy bed, TV, sofa, work space and internal LED lighting throughout the house.


Up to 10 kWh

The studio pod is equipped with a solar storage system and standard 3 kW battery. However, you can increase to a 10 kW system by adding 3.5 kW. So you not only power the whole house but also charge your electric vehicle for free.


Built with security to always be connected

Unlike most tiny houses, the chassis and exterior are made of steel and aluminum, and are fireproof for up to 90 minutes. Additionally, the solar awning system can withstand winds up to 100 mph. Additionally, Pod Studio has a 360-degree view, thanks to four built-in fisheye lens cameras. Easily lock and unlock your home using Touch-ID, a code, or the PodForm app. And no matter how far you are off the grid, you’ll always have WiFi using SpaceX’s Starlink high-speed internet service. Enjoy!







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