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Dog lovers always have creative ways to spoil their pet dogs. Various facilities and comforts are given to dogs so that their furry friends feel happy and comfortable, such as providing good care and food, dog furniture, to playgrounds for dogs. Talk about playgrounds, dog owners usually like to build a special play area in the house, but this is actually often troublesome because your house is always a mess and look untidy. If you experience the same problem, then you are not alone, so maybe it’s time to think of an outdoor dog playground. The backyard is the most  [ Read More ]

I do not know when this first started, but every once a year, there is a special day that we always celebrate together. For me, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of love, every Valentine I am always grateful for what I have, a family, twins and a wonderful wife. No matter how busy you are, there is always the opportunity to spend time with the people closest to you. Today I want to invite you to express your love with Valentine’s crafts like paper card, gift ideas and decorations. A few days ahead of Valentine’s Day, but  [ Read More ]

This small church will change your perspective about how unique architecture can create wonders not only for living quarters but also for a place of worship. Located in Belgium, at a glance it looks just like an ordinary small church. However, if we look and see from the corner, you will see the real charm of the church who want to display. When the light of day, the church emits shades of transparent light, and you will see mysterious black shadows appearing from within the church. This is a beautiful and unusual sight in churches in general. This church is  [ Read More ]

When you decide to have a pet, in this case a cat, then you need to think of the best place for your furry friend. Every cat likes their own special place to really feel safe. For this reason you need to make a cat room that is part of your home. In general, your cat must remain in the room at least the first week, because some health cases occur because cats are often outdoors or do not use litter boxes. Cats are animals who love cleanliness, so you do not have to worry about your home will always  [ Read More ]

The Long Drop will be very useful if this eco-friendly toilet is open to the public. Unfortunately, the compost toilet without charge and without impact was only made for and by Invisible Studio to serve their own forest studio. Amazingly, this building is made entirely of scavenged material, and there is no cost to build it. Principle toilet is separate solids and urine just below the seat. Urine is captured at the surface of the soil through a drain pipe, and will be used as fertilizer, because it contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The solid is taken through a series  [ Read More ]