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If asked what is your favorite place at home? Surely most people would answer it is the bedroom. Now the bedroom is not just a place to rest or sleep, just try to change your bedroom into a beautiful spot to take pictures and capture various moments with the trendiest decoration ideas. Now many people use the bedroom as their workspace, especially if you are a person who follows the development of technology and works online will need a functional room. With the increasing popularity of various social media like Instagram, people are now making the bedroom as the most  [ Read More ]

I remember first seeing this hobbit house in my favorite movie, The Lord of the rings, and it seems like many people use the design of this house in real life. Since the film, we like being helped to visualize it clearly until now we know what the hobbit house design should look like. But actually the idea of a hobbit house and its real form existed long before it became a trend, as seen in the organic underground house designed by architect Javier Senosiain, and surprisingly this house was finished in 1984. However, if we look further into the  [ Read More ]

Make this fall colorful and cheerful for kids. Invite them to celebrate the changing seasons with positive activities and fun autumn crafts. This season also coincides with the welcome arrival of the Thanksgiving holiday in a number of countries, and if you live in Canada it will fall a few months more precisely in the month of October. Allow the kids to be creative with their own imagination to produce DIY fall craft projects that can be displayed or become outstanding home decorations. This season is the best season to inspire kids to make crafts that they like. Try accompanying  [ Read More ]

Bohemian decorations always have a place in the hearts of everyone who wants to beautify their home, and if you don’t know what bohemian style is like then you will love this recommendation. Among the many rooms, perhaps the bedroom that gets the most attention. So, today we will try to use this decoration into the bedroom to feel a bohemian vibe. In addition to crafts, tapestry is a decoration that must exist in order to comply with the requirements of bohemian. This item is also suitable for those of you who live in college dorms and want a little  [ Read More ]

Who says gardening should need large area and a lot of space? For those who are creative, gardening in a small room becomes a challenge. This idea also makes it easy for you to care for plants, saving a lot of time and energy because it only focuses on one area. Many people think that gardening is the best way to spend extra time, especially if you really like gardening and want to create your own dream garden. But not everyone is lucky to have a large yard, sometimes we only have a few meters left outside, and even then  [ Read More ]