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Sometimes I think how lucky it is for those who live by the beach or mountains with amazing natural scenery. Outdoor shower has always been a common activity in beach houses, even a dip in the trees also become a routine that is always refreshing. Then what about those of you who live in cities or suburbs far from it all? The best way you can try to use your outdoor space, especially the backyard to make an outdoor bathroom. I see this trend emerging in locations that are locked mainland. The reason is, because there is nothing more relaxing  [ Read More ]

Amidst the natural beauty in Bali, stands a luxurious bamboo house designed by Ibuku. Sharma Spring Residence was built almost entirely using bamboo as its main ingredient by adapting the beautiful natural surroundings. The house blessed by a stunning natural be peaceful escape for homeowners, especially on weekends. Stand tall at the peak of the beauty of the island of Bali. Sharma Spring is the highest bamboo structure built in Bali. This building consists of six floors, four bedrooms, a spacious living room with an awesome view that can be accessed through the entrance of a 15 meter long tunnel.  [ Read More ]

The living room and fireplace cannot be separated, this is the most common decoration that we often encounter in every home with cold weather conditions. That is why a fireplace is often referred to as the heart of your home. But when it came cozy autumn day, the fireplace does not function without firewood and warm blankets are usually always there. So, instead of having to let it not work, there are still creative ways to redecorate your fireplace into an amazing decoration. This is about making use of things that don’t work at home to the maximum like a  [ Read More ]

For some women who are married or already have kids, working outside is sometimes impossible. While you have to take care of such family should prepare their children to go to school or make breakfast for your husband, your work never even imagined before. Instead of remaining a mother, creative women always have their own ways to occupy themselves. So, if you have made it straight to pursue the business or job of your dreams. Then what is the best way to work around this? Building a special workspace will be able to realize your dreams. Try to make a  [ Read More ]

Very common if sometimes we need space for ourselves so we can relax or just unwind after a week of activities. But not everyone is lucky to have a special room to do it, while the bedroom is starting to get boring, so why don’t you put the idea of a hammock in the room? This is a great way to save space while giving you time to relax as you want. Besides being practical, hammocks give you unlimited relaxing time and you will truly feel like you are on vacation. Hanging bed in the room is quite easy and  [ Read More ]