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How is your Christmas today? I hope you are always happy with those closest to celebrate Christmas with great joy. Today I still want to give you more excitement with various Christmas inspirations to spend this year’s vacation to make it more memorable. I am sure today there are many Christmas decorations and ornaments that can be found in almost every part of the house, some people have even made their own Christmas party on the eve of the celebration. The climax will be many Christmas gifts for kids, some parents have even prepared them well before Christmas. I’m sure  [ Read More ]

This house is a contemporary refurbishment and extension of the original Queenslander Brisbane blessed beautiful scenery. Designed by Cavill Architects, it has successfully completed Gibbon Street which is shrouded in surroundings. Inspired by architectural style with respect for the past, the additional structure at Gibbon St is imagined as a series of garden walls like relics that were redesigned to accommodate a practical living environment. Gibbon St is strongly associated with its landscape both natural and architectural, even this project was nominated for the Habitus House of the Year. Gibbon St refers to a variety of unique reference points from  [ Read More ]

During this time many people consider installing ceiling fans instead will only spoil the overall design of their interior, but it is undeniable that not everyone can afford to buy air conditioning for the entire room cool them. In some parts of the world with a tropical climate, air conditioning becomes very important and must be present in almost every room. But I’m sure many of us are reluctant to rely on bad ceiling fans to help maintain room temperature in our homes. As my experience in the past is so difficult to find a ceiling fan design that can  [ Read More ]

The best way to decorate a garden is to plant some of your favorite plants or add a cottage garden. If you are planning to create a cottage garden then you need to consider several factors such as the concept of the garden and the supporting elements such as design and color. This time I want to try to inspire you with modern cottage garden ideas that can be an alternative to decorating your garden. Modern design is about clean lines, with a more natural approach to plants, furniture and plant management. You can add everything to decorate your cottage  [ Read More ]

Having an outdoor area as part of a home is a blessing. This area is a place where you can do lots of fun things like gardening, relaxing to reading your favorite book. I know by the end of the year will be a bit difficult to do things outside the house, and did not deny the excitement of Christmas had begun because it is only a few days for the holiday season. But this post I warm the atmosphere with the most comfortable outdoor reading ideas that will make you feel cozy curling up with your favorite book. If  [ Read More ]