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When you decide to live in a modern-style house, the interior will be synonymous with minimalist design, clean and truly utilize every room to the maximum. But that does not mean you do not have significant problems, today’s modern home design often exposes you to the problem of lack of storage space. For this reason, many people try to think outside the box and look for spaces that might have never been thought of as storage space for all your belongings. Today I want to try to inspire you to be able to find and where to organize your storage,  [ Read More ]

Adding a candle light is the easiest way to create a warm atmosphere during Christmas celebrations. That’s why a great candle lighting can transform your entire room becomes more comfortable and soothing. Christmas is the best time where all the families will gather, whether it’s just chatting, having a small dinner party or enjoying the best times before Christmas Eve. When all families gather you can use brighter lighting with a bulb or a chandelier, then at night, turn off your lights and anti to softer lighting by using candles. You can place several candles at once to add decorations,  [ Read More ]

Before dreaming of having a bathroom that is like a spa, first consider making a storage area to avoid all the clutter and make your bathing activities more comfortable. The most annoying thing when taking a bath is where you can’t find a shampoo bottle, and the soap is misplaced. I’m sure every bathroom must have a safe place to organize all your bathroom needs, but no matter how good your bathroom storage, it will take up more space in the bathroom wall. Installing a shower niche inside the bathroom wall will give you more comfort and space to relax,  [ Read More ]

What do you miss most at Christmas? That question represents the desire of everyone who always comes towards the end of the year. Christmas is still only a few months, but when the snow begins there is nothing more calming than dreaming about Christmas and what you always celebrate with your loved ones. Let us for a moment all the routines, and imagine what if Christmas comes tomorrow? I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is a beautiful Christmas tree with the same Christmas decorations as in previous years. It is not wrong to change the Christmas  [ Read More ]

Halloween has arrived, that means there will be lots of Halloween decorations in every home, it doesn’t even close the possibility that you can’t wait to invite all your friends and family to a Halloween party on the weekend. Everyone wants to enjoy Halloween with full of joy, this is the best time to dress up in spooky and fun with pumpkins, and as we all know everyone’s favorite all time, carve Halloween pumpkins become mandatory fun activities for the holidays. Pumpkin carving can be very scary or very cute, it depends on your wishes. But I don’t think anyone  [ Read More ]