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This hidden paradise is also blessed with stunning natural landscape. Found and designed by Architecture Brio, Riparian House is not far from Mumbai, India. A mountain landscape appeared, called the Western Ghats, on the UNESCO heritage area, many rivers and streams flowing down through the undulating landscape that eventually flows into the bay of Bombay. With an area of 330 square meters, the upper part of the roof of the house that grows together with the top of the hill, hides the house from the approach on the east side. But from the inside, one can enjoy the sights north  [ Read More ]

For me, every day is the perfect excuse to undergo the activities and start the day with passion, including in matters of home decor. Especially nowadays there are many choices of home accessories that we can easily get to make the house look more stylish. I am a person who likes art, and I don’t think art should be expensive and modern, because there are some retro items that make your home even more enjoyable. You will find retro designs combined with Scandinavian minimalist styles, amazing music items and pastel color palettes to make your sensitivity sing. In other words,  [ Read More ]

Many people think planting indoors is more difficult than planting outside, especially if you are not among people who have a lot of time in caring for plants or vegetables. Fortunately, there are now methods of hydroponics is not just practical but will allow you to have their own plants indoors. For those of you who have just heard of hydroponics, this is the process of planting plants without using soil as a medium and using more modern technology. AeroGarden Farm is one that you must have at this time if you want an ease and practicality to store plants  [ Read More ]

If your house really has no place to store all of your wine bottle collections, even though you are among those who like the wine collection, maybe it’s time to start thinking about a solution. Sometimes it is never easy to find the right place or accessories for a particular room, while you still want to keep the look of the interior to look perfect. Specific storage types, such as wine rack creates more problems than others, either because your house does not have enough space to contain it or you still want to keep the interior without reducing its  [ Read More ]

Front yard without a fence is tantamount to your home and your family harm. For this reason, installing a fence is an important thing you must do to maintain security and make you feel comfortable. If usually the front page is often an attractive public area for your guests, then how can you make it safe and able to create a sense of seclusion and privacy? The best solution is to combine fences and plants to disguise your home or restrict people from entering your yard. This idea is very practical if you want to have privacy on your front  [ Read More ]