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There is something special about wedding decoration ideas this time, maybe the reason is because right now I’m also looking for a good wedding idea for a friend. Everything is prepared from the wedding centerpieces, guest book, wedding themes, and playlists, but adding some simple wedding signs can really make the wedding decorations more festive. Not only is wedding signboard useful for directing your guests to where they need to go and what they need to do, this idea is also a great wedding decoration to lighten the atmosphere at the beginning of the party and make the wedding ceremony  [ Read More ]

There are many reasons why parents should provide a playroom for their kids. In addition to keeping the room at home neat, you can easily supervise children while playing because they are only in one room. For me the first reason is the most reasonable, sometimes we as parents are often annoyed with a room that tends to be cluttered and disorganized, not even once I step on their toys every time I go home from work. This is really troublesome, especially after a long day of work that will drain your time and energy. The best solution is that  [ Read More ]

Christmas is still too long but I want Halloween to be the best this year. Towards the Halloween celebration many people are looking for decorations for their homes, and that is not far from spooky and scary words. Anyone agree Halloween is a fun time for those who are brave and have the guts, but I want to add a little Christmas cheer to Halloween and the best way is to choose a black Christmas tree is most appropriate for this decoration. Like fashion, the Christmas tree is undergoing many changes in trends. If you usually often see classic Christmas  [ Read More ]

What would happen if mid-century style house combined with modern interiors? Don’t you imagine, because the Summitridge interiors consists of a modern style that combines with a strong mid-century feminine touch. The interior of this house is full of artistic nuances and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Houses were also adopted binding medieval European art of this style and gives a luxurious place to stay but also earthy with natural surroundings. Walking in this house, we will be presented with a unique interior style, beautiful, smart but has amazing artistic value. Color selection is very important to unite two  [ Read More ]

For many people the kitchen is a favorite area at home, here is where you prepare breakfast when you want to start the day or do your cooking hobby in a fun way. This is the reason that makes the kitchen need more attention in terms of decoration and spatial planning. There are countless kitchen designs today, but enlightening the kitchen will shorten your decorating plan and the kitchen is the first choice to get started. Among the many kitchen designs and layout styles, maybe my favorite among the kitchen finishing thoughts is to brighten up with a retro style.  [ Read More ]