Wooden Cottage House With Simple Architecture

Cottage house with simple architecture that matches the simplicity. This cottage designed by architect Rasmus Bak, when he make a home for his family in the north of Aarhus. Actually, it was certainly not part of the plan that Lene and Rasmus Bak to initiate the project, with a career-based fashion designers and architects for their own studio, they have plenty of opportunity to build a dream cottage. Lene Bak began when pregnant the spring of 2008 to visit the Eastern seaboard north of Aarhus Jutland, he fell in love with this place and suddenly began to dream of owning a cottage to stay. “Here I just want to be! There is only a very special atmosphere in this quiet neighborhood and near the sea “, said Lene Bak. And in a situation like this, it has a certain advantage to be married to an architect.

source: bobedre


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