Beautiful Bohemian House With Natural Textures

This beautiful house is inspired from the 70’s Bohemian style with natural texture and living space. Claudia, Levi and Eve (two years) occupy this house, a house filled with treasures that makes me very excited to write about them. I’m interested in the creative space functional, white walls, woven materials, wood and lots of greenery. It looked comfortable for this house, I think it’s important to know what style of home that you like, but make sure also that according to the type of home you live in. The house serves many purposes, the use of open shelves give convenience more than anything. The extent of which is not too big to make life flow around the kitchen and living room, and from the sink Claudia usually see where she was. Eve bedroom also integrates with the master bedroom in the loft, Claudia seems to really want to keep her at all times, it is advantageous for Claudia though they do not have a big house. A house comes alive with some green in the room and it was also nice to purify the air. They use recycled wood as much as they can because they do not have a lot of luxury furniture. Jute carpets also brilliant with small children. Here’s a beautiful Bohemian house style with small space that is simple yet so soothing, enjoy!

source: thebeetleshack


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