Original West Village Townhouse In New York

I’m very happy to walk in West Village Townhouse which has been renovated, and is shown in domino. The original interior is stunning owned by Ali Cayne, a founder of New York City’s Haven’s Kitchen, restaurant, event space, and cooking school that specializes in seasonal. The walls and ceiling white, pretty chevron wood floors, brass fittings, many subway tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom glamorous light is part of the beauty. For a restaurant owner in Manhattan, downtown move means having the opportunity to create a space all its own-without the help of an interior designer. She trusts his instincts and abilities, while still keeping the needs of her children, Ali Cayne embark on a journey of exploration and self-renovation. “Commuting back and forth from the Upper East Side, I realized I was missing important things at home or at work, and I wanted to integrate those two pieces of my life,” she says. “Plus, I really love the West Village.” She really made major effort to turn her new home into a warm. Working with architects, Cayne settle everything, paint colors, and furniture without the help of an interior decorator. “I don’t have a background in design,” she says, “but I do know what I like.”


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