Romantic Glass Cabin With Recycled Windows

Maybe you would not believe if this romantic cabin is constructed from recycled windows, located in the mountains of West Virginia, Photographer Nick Olson and designers Lilah Horwitz have built their own private retreat. Towering cabin design made of various sizes, providing a good artistic talent between rustic and modern. They get most of the material from salvaged from a nearby abandoned barn, the creative duo was able to build a glass cabin tremendous and costs only about $ 500 Olson says, “We can make it happen because we are the first artists and creators. We have to make sense to do it cheap “. This means they have to dedicate their time and energy to build this cabin gradually. Olson and Horwitz admits not spend all their time in the cabin throughout the year, because they lived in Milwaukee, even though they also enjoy the escape from time to time in the midst of nature. This cabin without electricity or plumbing, aims to blend with the surrounding environment, enhance certain aspects of natural beauty. Look at the collection of sweet cabins of this amazing couple and you would instantly like being in nature.

source: mymodernmet


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