Unique And Power Saving House Containers From Whitaker Studio

Have you ever imagined a house that really comfortable but unusual location even can be considered a little extreme? If you think building a house in the vast desert becomes impossible, then your mind will open after seeing this unique design house. Located on 90-acre plot, precisely on the mountain California spacious, unique house is named Joshua Tree Residence. This unique architectural design is the work from Whitaker Studio inspired from a typical tree found only in the California desert called Joshua tree. Houses constructed from several containers are made according to existing environmental conditions, each container oriented to maximize views in the landscape or use topography to provide privacy, depending on the use of each.

Joshua Tree House also features three bedrooms, a kitchen and spacious living room, each featuring a different aspect of Joshua trees. In addition, this house has plenty of lighting which makes it more power efficient when it’s day. Whitaker Studio also provides power for the house by utilizing a garage car roofed solar panels. Want to know what kind of details? Here is a gallery a container houses that looks very inspiring from Whitaker Studio, let’s check it out!


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