Modern And Minimalist Hong Kong Home For Car Lover’s

This modern house is designed for you car lovers, has a high-end design with something extraordinary. I must say that this is one of the best works created by Millimeter Interior Design, home area of 435.0 square meters located in Hong Kong which is a dream of all car lovers. I love the glass garage box that can be seen from the living room, as if the car was part of a piece of furniture. Although the car becomes a focal point, but the interior still looks light and quiet with a clean and crisp style. Walking in this house, almost all wearing white walls and light wood floors as a staple in this space, and if the note is no dash of color. The overall look is very inviting and surprisingly with a minimalist style and a warm room.

The iron staircase was chosen to allow the view of the house from the car owner obstructed by the glass garage. Stairs also connected with a display feature wall, which holds a large flat screen television. It’s like competing to get noticed with a valuable Lamborghini car. Lamborghini lifted on a concrete stage, a feature. which also stretches across the living room, connecting the two spaces together.

Large living room with a minimalist style has a main lighting all of which are recessed into the ceiling. Equipped with a unique coffee table in front of a gray sofa adds to the beauty of this room. White flower vase also add organic impression, while side tables flanking a sofa with a low level of four seats that feature a number of family photos and art.

The living room does have a minimalist design, but the length of the sofa also shows that this is a friendly sociable space.

Homeowners still pay attention to the outside view and natural beauty, it is visible from zen garden that runs along the driveway.

After walking in the long living room, we will arrive at the spacious kitchen restaurant.

A glass railings on the steps of allowing a flood of natural light. It also allows us to see directly through the workspace of the master bedroom above.

The house is equipped with a second kitchen room that also minimalist style, seen from the selection of white steel cabinets and stainless steel accents. The lighting in the kitchen is a recessed ceiling the same one used in the living room, plus a LED light strip that runs down the entire length of the closet.

The main suite consists of a wardrobe, a bathroom and an open office area home that has a breathtaking view of the countryside.

Simple bed unit is very comfortable with soothing neutral colors. Chrome swing arm wall lamps provide light read on each side of the bed, a perfect combination.

A functional display rack is installed along the center of the home office wardrobe by loading its own lighting, which contains enough soft light to display every well-organized object.

The walk in closet is behind a closed door. The room is also equipped with a dressing table and bright yellow ceramic drum bench.

Suite master bathroom has two sinks of bar-shaped design. The basin was in front of the window, two makeup mirrors hanging from the ceiling line. The glass doors and screens to both parts of the transparent side of the shower area and WC.

source: home-designing


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