Beautiful Interiors That Dedicated For Music

If you are a music lover and dedicate your life to music, then you need a place to stay that suits your hobbies. Such a beautiful interior is marked by items loved by homeowners who like music or indeed live with music. Visualized by Nikita Revva, this Russian interior designer has successfully completed a comfortable interior that will be loved by all music fans. From turntables and vinyl collections to valuable guitars, these living spaces are a part of music focused on contemporary, classical and masculine vibes.

Walking in, the decor of this house is bright, bright, and airy, with its focus on natural elements and monochrome touch. There are many classic features playing here, a few Scandinavian touches also in the form of soothing furniture and dark elements which are the favorite colors of music lovers.

Not just for music lovers, a large collection of books is stored piled high behind the sofa. While the collection of valuable guitars used as decoration that can be played at any time. The center of the bookshelf becomes the focal point as a display shelf and becomes a place to hang a unique mirror.

Because of this interior for lovers of music, TV stand governing Instead of living space, the designer even include music stand filled with LPs, turntable and speakers. The wall frame fills the space above the music stage which consists of photographic art and motivational posters.

Masculine impression immediately visible when it comes to the master bedroom. Gray and black accents dominate signifying that the owner of this interior is a man who dedicated his life to music. I like the wall decorations in the form of 3 displays shaped like vinyl records and a chandelier that looks like a cloud.

The bathroom was not too look fabulous, but I love the classic style that successfully shown through the selection of wood furniture for the sink and mirror. Although not very spacious, this bathroom looks very comfortable, even with a simple storage area. It is suitable for men who do not want to bother with many things.

Many things in this house have a history for their owners, or cool thrift stores. Like this dining area which consists of some old furniture with original white versions of the same model.

The kitchen is not too extensive to be handled with an L-shaped kitchen table that wraps the small dining room. To reinforce the impression of masculine, the designer also added a monochrome accent to the backsplashes wall.

The interior is also equipped with a comfortable small balcony. Where homeowners can relax while playing music in this area. Decorated by beautiful lights and comfortable outdoor furniture, a set of chess to play.

source: home-designing


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