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Who says Halloween is not the right time to get married? If you currently have no plans to marry, maybe you will be surprised after seeing the Halloween wedding decorations are not only very romantic but also totally unique. For those who are gothic fans and love horror, Halloween is the most eagerly awaited celebration party every year. It’s also a good day to create a wedding theme that will be the most special and unforgettable moment of your love journey. There are tons of romantic Halloween wedding ideas that you can try, do you like gothic wedding candle decorations?  [ Read More ]

Being in this amazing site as a piece of earthly paradise, on a sandy beach in Cadiz, the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has successfully designed the house most radical ever made ‘House Of The Infinite’, a residential property overlooking the infinite ocean, referring on the endless Atlantic Ocean that stretches in front of it. There had stood a house as if it was a pier facing the sea. The most amazing building concept of this house is its colossal roof. Shaped like an elevated stone plane complete with an infinity pool at the top of the building. This area  [ Read More ]

What would happen if mid-century style house combined with modern interiors? Don’t you imagine, because the Summitridge interiors consists of a modern style that combines with a strong mid-century feminine touch. The interior of this house is full of artistic nuances and is located in Beverly Hills, California. Houses were also adopted binding medieval European art of this style and gives a luxurious place to stay but also earthy with natural surroundings. Walking in this house, we will be presented with a unique interior style, beautiful, smart but has amazing artistic value. Color selection is very important to unite two  [ Read More ]

I remember first seeing this hobbit house in my favorite movie, The Lord of the rings, and it seems like many people use the design of this house in real life. Since the film, we like being helped to visualize it clearly until now we know what the hobbit house design should look like. But actually the idea of a hobbit house and its real form existed long before it became a trend, as seen in the organic underground house designed by architect Javier Senosiain, and surprisingly this house was finished in 1984. However, if we look further into the  [ Read More ]

Let’s take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of summer, and if some of you are happier with winter then take a look at this Queen’s Lane Pavilion project by Carney Logan Burke Architects. This is a guest house that is inspired by nature, contemporary overhauled and are in the most remote sites in Jackson, Wyoming. This guest house is not specifically designed for winter, but wait until you see the snow around, when the river begins to freeze with a stunning expanse of white snow, who is not blown away? This is a vast undertaking with projects  [ Read More ]