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IKEA furniture popularity has been known to many people for a long time, even for a simple spice rack. Around a few years ago, IKEA spice rack has been widely used as a storage place books in the children’s room. Maybe that’s the best reason why every IKEA product is able to function for various needs in its original state, and I think IKEA spice rack is the easiest to organize your entire space. Nobody knows why this shelf should be lowered to store spices and books, even though there are still many more effective ways to use this rack  [ Read More ]

Beautify the interior does not have to always wear items or furniture that is expensive, if you are creative enough, you can take advantage of goods unexpectedly become something extraordinary like a cinder block this project. Cinder blocks allow you to make all types of furniture that offer neatness not only for outdoors but also for your home like today. There is no limit in creativity, you can create all types of furniture with cinder blocks from the smallest to plant shelves to unique work desks for decorating your home office. This is a fun DIY project that you can  [ Read More ]

Make the room great again can be done in a creative way, even if you have run out of space, then the carpet is a powerful way to improve your interior style. I like how rugs is able to give a special statement wherever they are placed, there must be room for drinking with one rug in each room, and many interior designers prefer to overlay it too. If you intend to change your interior but your budget is limited, try to start with these 25 cheap DIY rug ideas. Many choices that you can try yourself at home, and  [ Read More ]

If the kids world is full of simplicity and joy, then why do we have to give them something expensive? I am always happy when our children can think creatively and find what makes them feel good, even with just a few cardboard boxes. I think this method is more effective than having to spend so much money on toys, while they can have fun with a large cardboard box. Believe me, there are still many creative people in the world and I have to thank all the smart people who have shared their creative ideas on the internet. Now  [ Read More ]

Sometimes we often feel annoyed when the wires fall apart in our homes and will become a separate problem. The problem is, irregular wires will reduce the beauty of the room inside our house. And not only that, cables that are not in a place that should be able to endanger our family members, especially children. We all know what a big deal to disguise wiring in our homes. The best way is maybe you can tidy it up with cable clamps. But it turns out that there are more unique ways to wires organize to make them look more  [ Read More ]