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Make this fall colorful and cheerful for kids. Invite them to celebrate the changing seasons with positive activities and fun autumn crafts. This season also coincides with the welcome arrival of the Thanksgiving holiday in a number of countries, and if you live in Canada it will fall a few months more precisely in the month of October. Allow the kids to be creative with their own imagination to produce DIY fall craft projects that can be displayed or become outstanding home decorations. This season is the best season to inspire kids to make crafts that they like. Try accompanying  [ Read More ]

This year’s summer wait has finally paid off, I have found a way to soothe children who are getting nervous in the days leading up to summer. I just hope that the weather will be warm enough to do more outside activities, but then many things happen when children get bored much faster than you think. So I began to think, maybe it’s time to make some DIY games in the backyard, this will reduce the energy a little when I have to deal with children. This year I am looking forward to summer and I am ready to handle  [ Read More ]

I believe each time with family is the most precious moments, intulah why I always capture in a family photo. Maybe you can find out how to make a wall frame gallery on Pinterest, but I’m sure many of you don’t know how family photos should be made for decoration or wall art. Making your own gallery frame wall is really fun, and today I want to show you in a few simple steps and tips. Now every moment in the family is very easy to capture through photos, even many parents use a smartphone full of photos. But like  [ Read More ]

Many things can be done in decorating a house, even things that are considered trivial and worthless can be transformed into an art that is useful to beautify your home decor. One of them is a DIY stone painting project with this very adorable crafting art. Who makes a worthless stone or gravel be transformed into something unique? Something that is very easy for you to get but can bring out your creative side. If you see this rock art painting ideas, you probably would not deny if they are rocks that often you see in gardens, riverside or seaside.  [ Read More ]

Sometimes there are always disasters that occur when you want to do a renovation, especially if the renovation you want to do includes a major renovation such as a kitchen. When you decide to renew the kitchen, the problem that often arises is what kind of kitchen design do you want to create? While you still need a lot of budget for repairs in another room. The only option, you need to think about the idea of an affordable kitchen and wood pallets will solve all your problems. Previously, you must be careful in choosing the wood pallet you want  [ Read More ]