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I am very loving indoor planters and like to see them grow well. Among the many types of plants in the room, perhaps my favorite is the mini planters because it is very pleasant. They are just the perfect combination of interior decoration and gardening maintenance with minimal care, easy to place anywhere that will beautify your interior. To support the beauty of my planters, then I need some inspiration of mini planter pots suitable for every room. Pot is an important factor if you want to have an indoor plant in accordance with your wishes. Today I have a pretty  [ Read More ]

Glad to see my son has grown larger and even now he’s got a new toy car hobby. I have a lot of memories when he was born, and the time did seem to pass quickly until now he grew up making me have a special little place in my heart for toy cars. My son is very obsessed with hot wheels, like most kids he would do anything to get more of his car collection. Luckily, he gets tons of new toy cars from people who love him too. I am deeply grateful to Hot Wheels, a sense of  [ Read More ]

There is always a way to make the room more comfortable and warm, one of which is to incorporate wood elements in various ways. I’ve always liked pallets and recycling themes for new woods, for example you can place wooden logs on the walls of your house. Today I encourage myself to inspire you about wood logs wall, this will give your wall an artistic and artistic look with a charming rustic style. You can install a wood log wall in your living room or near a fireplace, so you will have both, wall hangings and functionality. Wooden log wall  [ Read More ]

There are always sweet memories when it comes to Easter, and somehow Easter feels very beautiful when I was a kid. This is what I want to tell my kids when it comes Easter, in which a lot of fun when decorating Easter eggs that involves us as parents. My parents used to be very enthusiastic when we tried to decorate Easter eggs, when they bought a whole lot of dye tablets in the supermarket, followed by my mother who wanted to sacrifice all the white vinegar on the process to make the eggs really colorful and cool. Lucky this  [ Read More ]

Working at home does not mean your inspiration is limited, especially in today’s digital age, there are so many sources of information you can get. We all know many sites showing a pin of inspiration, and a popular one is possible with Pinterest. But whatever you want to have, there’s still something so fun about having the images and ideas you love on the actual paper. Perhaps this is why many people create inspirational boards for their home offices. I think it’s really entertaining, because your house is where you work and you can do anything that can make your  [ Read More ]