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According to David Wahl who is also a designer IKEA chandelier, at the sight of such as the lights and spaceship simultaneously. Futuristic design seems very aptly describes the ideas behind the IKEA chandelier following, the real goal is that you can dim the lights manually by changing the shape of the lampshade. When closed, the lamp resembles a ball of fire, with color sleeves that produce attractive light. When you pull the rope, open light and emit light. Chandelier inspired by the science fiction movies and video games is very prominent visually, does not require a lot of space,  [ Read More ]

Terrarium lamp design is quite unique, at least different from the light in general and among the many things you can buy on the site etsy. I think it is a perfect example of how with a little ingenuity we can unite the different parts and decorate our criteria for something better and more useful. Very clever combination between lamps design and terrarium pots. From The Designer, “This minimalist geometric table lamp adds a new dimension to the concept of the “lamp”. The lampshade frame perched atop the glass base, is welded from cold rolled steel and covered in handmade  [ Read More ]

The Avengers 3D deco lights provide light for babies and entertain your children. Series battery operated for 3D wall art created by 3D Light FX, you can choose your favorite superhero to have it installed in your kids bedroom wall. The Avengers 3D deco lights can provide enough light for parents to see children fall asleep without turning on additional lights. All 3D collection deco lights come with 3D sticker cracks, giving the illusion that the light that penetrates your walls. Place directly on top of the bed, on top of study room or anywhere on the corner of your  [ Read More ]

Patterns of light is really surprising every interior, this has to be one of fresh inspiration when you want an extra layer or the finishing touches to the context of overall design. Like the icing on the cake, they appear completely unexpected. You can not predict how this unique pattern will take a new space, reflect and accentuate interior surroundings. Running under patterns of light create a wall dancing, ceiling into the room instantly felt alive then will take on a new personality. Prepare creates magic you want, maybe nobody knows until you turn on the lights. Here are 10  [ Read More ]

Balloon lights from CrousCalogero inspired by the shared memory of several generation adults and children through the balloon string through your fingers. The ceiling and walls of balloon version featuring stylish design, seemed to float and hide low consumption fluorescent lamps in it. Lighting shade made of satinated polyethylene, especially the red wire hanging delicate of color that has a new function as a three-position switch in the wall version, the background light, pilot lights, and off. Balloon products shown by Estiluz that has been awarded with the ADI-FAD Silver Delta Prize for the original design of his balloon lights.  [ Read More ]